30 d’abr. 2011

Stella Maris on board

A few days ago 
I walked near by one of those 
religious shops you wouldn't come in.

I stopped, walked back
I took an inquisitive look...
Virgins, baby-christs, all saints...

I swear, those things are not 
in my usual or unusual thoughts.
But I felt kind of a familiar feeling...

Then I pulled
from my memories,
 and remembered her image clearly.

her picture was placed 
in my sailor's hat when I was 
the kiddy helmsman in this boat, by 1994...

And we sailed,
nine from ten months,
up to north, south down.
Crossed the oceans,  also
through the roaring forties
where the sea is the roughest 
the only warm thing to see. 

Once we had
a man over board.
Sixty knots of wind, 
in the middle of the night,
Waves were ten meters high.
And we stole him from the devil himself, 
Brought him back on board, kind of a miracle.

So I went inside the shop
a lovely ancient nun was standing there
She took a Stella Maris image from a blue box
gave it to me, then she told me that it was blessed
She said that if I ever die at sea with that image with me
I would go direct to heaven without passing through the purgatory (!!)

Oh my... The image 
is now placed in the holiest corner on board
between the watches clock and the barometer.

Just in case.

Sailors from other boats
she gave me about ten... :))
Come along and get one if you need to go to sea
and you have the feeling you'll need influences by the purgatory.


24 d’abr. 2011

In the water & friends

Back into the water…

I didn’t remember
how wild is
being out in the boatyard…

Once killed all those
visitants we had in the hull,
I have been sanding, painting, 
and doing some other boring things.
Next year we'll paint her in mighty colors !
Also passed the legal hull inspection (yessss ¡!)...

It’s that nice,
to have friends
comming along
to help for a while.

Time runs different then.
Even though is just for a micro·short help
It leaves you kind of a warmth inside 
for the rest of the job

thanks  ^_^ !

  while listening to this

21 d’abr. 2011

Verges 2011


Tonight I'll be in Verges.

It's a tiny town up north, near France.
They have a very old eastern procession
and everybody in town gets involved.

has been the director 
for the last three years.
We did new costumes for 
some characters.

I am so proud and happy
that the old sewing ladies in town 
are my friends.

It starts late at night.

My favorite moment is 
when those snail lights burn
while silence walks
through the quiet crowed.

They do it since centuries ago.

It's a day-light long sailing from Barcelona
Maybe next year 'Narinan' will take us to the nearest harbour.

18 d’abr. 2011

Mon bateaux en peluche,

... my teddy boat, 
el meu vaixell de vellut...

I took some holidays to take her out of the water. It is the first time since the boat belongs to me.

My favorite boat rigger and bosom friend, Nacho from Mediterranean Rigging, was with me.

And look what we found !!
It really looked like a teddy bear down bellow the floating line.

This is what happens if you don't lift a boat in ages, 
live grows and it's the start of a new reef in the ocean.

I am working hard to fix it up. Promise new pictures with her new hair cut, soon

It's so pleasant to work under the spring sun,
my cheeks are red.


14 d’abr. 2011


This morning, 7am.
We went at sea with some friends 
to welcome back another friend.
(not with 'Narinan'...)

   After 102 days sailing without any stop and help, Anna Corbella, a girl from Barcelona and from our sailing club, was going to cross the Barcelona World Race finish line in a incredible sixth position.
She sailed around the world with Dee Caffari. They were the only girls team in this race which circumnavigates the world , non stop and two crew only.

Can you imagine yourself 
sailing for 100 days?
I would love to,  occasionally.
Enjoying the beautiful moments,
learning from the not so nice ones.

Congratulations girls !!!

9 d’abr. 2011

Sail you soon

We will work with our hands and hearts to bring live back to Narinan. 
She was waiting for somebody and we arrived, on time. 
It's been nine months since then (... July 10') 
and little by little I am doing the basics for her to breath. 
In a few months water will run through her keel, wind through her sails. 
And If we love her well, 
she'll take care of us, will sail us to beautiful lands 
and will bring us peace to recover from life non senses.

Come on board. 
Live at sea is sometimes hard, 
sometimes sweet, 
but always true. 

These photos are from the day I first saw her, 
thanks to Carlos Mir, 
my old friend and first sailing companion.

Cheers !


3 d’abr. 2011


I'll be in barcelona restoring this boat. She needs a bit of work to sail again. I'll keep you post it !