9 d’abr. 2011

Sail you soon

We will work with our hands and hearts to bring live back to Narinan. 
She was waiting for somebody and we arrived, on time. 
It's been nine months since then (... July 10') 
and little by little I am doing the basics for her to breath. 
In a few months water will run through her keel, wind through her sails. 
And If we love her well, 
she'll take care of us, will sail us to beautiful lands 
and will bring us peace to recover from life non senses.

Come on board. 
Live at sea is sometimes hard, 
sometimes sweet, 
but always true. 

These photos are from the day I first saw her, 
thanks to Carlos Mir, 
my old friend and first sailing companion.

Cheers !


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