30 d’abr. 2011

Stella Maris on board

A few days ago 
I walked near by one of those 
religious shops you wouldn't come in.

I stopped, walked back
I took an inquisitive look...
Virgins, baby-christs, all saints...

I swear, those things are not 
in my usual or unusual thoughts.
But I felt kind of a familiar feeling...

Then I pulled
from my memories,
 and remembered her image clearly.

her picture was placed 
in my sailor's hat when I was 
the kiddy helmsman in this boat, by 1994...

And we sailed,
nine from ten months,
up to north, south down.
Crossed the oceans,  also
through the roaring forties
where the sea is the roughest 
the only warm thing to see. 

Once we had
a man over board.
Sixty knots of wind, 
in the middle of the night,
Waves were ten meters high.
And we stole him from the devil himself, 
Brought him back on board, kind of a miracle.

So I went inside the shop
a lovely ancient nun was standing there
She took a Stella Maris image from a blue box
gave it to me, then she told me that it was blessed
She said that if I ever die at sea with that image with me
I would go direct to heaven without passing through the purgatory (!!)

Oh my... The image 
is now placed in the holiest corner on board
between the watches clock and the barometer.

Just in case.

Sailors from other boats
she gave me about ten... :))
Come along and get one if you need to go to sea
and you have the feeling you'll need influences by the purgatory.


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